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January - June 2023

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With the authorization of the Karachi University Act, on October 23, 1950, by the Government of Pakistan, University of Karachi started teaching and research activities in the two main faculties of Arts and Science and become one of the oldest and prestigious institutions of higher education in Pakistan. Today it is one of the most vibrant and prominent universities in Pakistan, comprising more than 25 research institutes and eight faculties offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields such as law, science, biotech, engineering, medicine, business, and the humanities. These programs have been developed in view of the emerging needs of industries and R&D organizations, both in public and private sectors.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a rich history of producing leaders in various fields, including government, academia, journalism, and the arts. Many of its graduates have gone on to become prominent figures in Pakistan and abroad. Through their education, students of the Arts and Social Sciences are empowered to deal with social, spiritual, psychological and historical challenges in the society.

Prof. Dr. Shaista Tabassum
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences